Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emma's First Day with Us...

It was so nice that we got Emma in the mail just in time for the weekend here...that meant we got to spend some quality time getting to know her right away.  Right away she enjoyed some special treats and of course she got to meet and get to know all of her new friends here as well.

We think she is happy with her new "forever home."  We know that we are happy with her joining us!  I found her for a reasonable price on eBay and she came with a Bitty Bear and wearing this sweet little Bitty Baby Berry Picking outfit. It also came with a little hat and the board book that originally came with the set.

The doll itself is truly in pretty good shape considering her tag reads 2002. I was a little worried about her hair because the photos on eBay weren't that great but as you can see here it's almost perfect!  She is just so sweet!  I actually think she is cuter than the blonde Bitty Twin available now through American Girl.  I like the shorter hair for a toddler doll I think...makes her seem more innocent and young.

I love the little patch of hair on top of her head's actually kind of like what Zoey looked like when she was a little one.  I would always put that little patch of hair in a little pony on the top of her head just like this doll!  Too funny!

I hope you are looking forward to seeing more cuteness from Emma in the future because I have a feeling we'll be taking more photos of her in the days to come!

Welcome home Emma!

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