Saturday, January 25, 2014

Serendipity Dolls

Awhile back I was sent a beautiful doll outfit from Serendipity Dolls and I wanted to share it with you as well as some more information about the company itself as we are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the outfit we were sent.

We received the Black Doll Skirt and Vest set with a White Blouse that retails on the Serendipity Doll website for $21.99.

The set included a beautiful crisp, pleated white blouse that had a brooch looking type of button sewn to the top collar, a black skirt with gold highlights as well as a black and gold vest.

I had a feeling that I knew which doll Zoey was going to want to try the new outfit on first and I was was Elizabeth!  She is our "fancy" doll...she loves dressing in the finest of clothing.

We think she looks so sweet in this outfit, almost like an old fashioned school teacher or someone from the story Little Women.

Here is a close-up of the little brooch looking button that is sewn on.  It really adds a nice touch and makes the blouse extra special.

There is velcro at the wrist of the blouse which is nice because it allows for the fit to be tight but it's easy for a child to get on the doll at the same time. Really a nice and thoughtful touch.

The seams are all straight and look professionally finished off.  There is velcro again for the closure on the back of the blouse as well as the skirt.

The beautiful embroidered ribbon added to the bottom of the skirt is a really nice touch and makes the outfit in my opinion.

And here is Elizabeth wearing the vest...stunning!

And the complete outfit...

Serendipity Dolls has been in the stuffed animal business (plush and clothing) for about 12 years now and has just recently started moving their focus to doll clothing.  They have designed all of their doll clothing in house which is great because that means you will not see their designs and outfits anywhere else on the market!

With the communication that I have had with the marketing person from Serendipity Dolls it is apparent that they pride themselves on having great customer service!  They have been wonderful to work with! They provide a phone number (208-762-1031) and an email right on their site for interested individuals to reach them by.

Currently they are offering free shipping on orders over $50 to the Contiguous US and newly registered customers will get an instant $5 off coupon code!

I hope you have enjoyed our review of our outfit that we received and take the time to check out their site for their other beautiful things for dolls that they offer!
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  1. Thank you Jen! I love the pictures.

    Serendipity Doll Company

  2. I bought that outfit years ago, and not from Serendipity. It is offered through a number of vendors; don't know if Serendipity is one of them or if they are the actual source of the outfit. I do like it a lot. I think it was made as an outfit for Kirsten as it's been around that long.

  3. Beautiful! Reminds me of the outfit Ana wears in the Frozen ads- not that I've seen the movie :)

  4. This dress is gorgeous!!! I wish I had it! It looks very pretty on your doll as well. :) Also I'm very curious on how you get to review items! Do you buy them and then post your views or do sellers donate them for advertising? Thanks!

  5. so cute

  6. You are a Superstar Site!

  7. Big fan!

  8. Wow, I love the outfit! Elizabeth looks Like she is going to an old school.. Maybe 1905? Jen, when is your next post? I love all of your posts!


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