Monday, September 23, 2013

Bitty Baby is on Her Way!

I am super excited!  I got a message from UPS that our Bitty Baby House Party is ready to ship! She could be here as early as Sept.  26th!  House Party originally told me she would be coming on the 1st of October, so I am not holding my breath for an early delivery!

In a spurt of excitement, I decided to pick up some felt, Velcro tabs, and mini buttons as well as 5 pairs of cute fleecey socks for two Bitty-projects I have planned.  Do you have any suggestions for our crafts?  If so, be sure to share in the comment section!  We cannot wait for Bitty's could be any day now!

Amanda, Gracie and Lily


  1. Hi! Could you explain what you mean by Bitty Baby house party?

    1. American Girl posted about it on their facebook page a few months ago. I had to go to to sign up, and found out that I was one of 1,200 people selected to host a Bitty Baby House Party. A new Bitty Baby and gifts for my guests are being sent. We are going to have a tea party, and will be posting more soon, stop please be sure to check back for pictures!

  2. Cute. Congratulations on the latest addition to your doll family.


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