Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Photos from American Girl's Newly Released Items - In Store Photos

Lindsey had more photos from her visit to the American Girl Store to share with us so we are just going to continue where we left off with Bitty Baby and move on to some of the items released for the Bitty Twins.  Above is the Fair Isle Skirt Set and pictured below is the Fair Isle Play Outfit.

Here is the cookie baking cute!  Not pictured here is the rolling pin which is so cute too!

Here are the new Polar Bear P.J.'s.  I like the leggings, not sure about the rest of it.

Here is the Coconut Play outfit.  I've noticed in some of Zoey's clothing catalogs that the new style is shorts over leggings...this is trying to hit that note I think.  I like it. Zoey isn't a big fan.  If we get it we would probably disassemble and use the clothing pieces separately.

Here is the new Puffy Coat...

and the Fair Isle Set.  I love the sweater, leggings and does Zoey.  :)

I want this snowman and snow tube!!!  How fun would this be to play with and it's super adorable! Way to go American Girl!

The Sparkle Party dress is pretty, though personally I think I like the red one for Bitty Baby better. Not sure why, I'll have to go back and check.

 I think the Brocade Holiday dress is very beautiful and elegant.

Here is the Sparkle Sequin Outfit.  I adore the skirt...not sure about the top.  I think I'd have to see the colors of the sequins in real life to see if I liked it or not.  Sequins are hard to photograph and show their correct coloring.  Here they look a bit purple instead of the dusty rose that I think they should be.

AND, here is the new gymnastics set!!!  Can you believe it?  I was shocked!  I love the colors of this set.

Here are the new spa items...

And Saige's sweater for girls and some other fun accessories for Saige lovers!

Wow!  What fun photos!  Thanks again so very much Lindsey for sharing your photos with us at AG Doll Play!  We really appreciate it as we know it's so different seeing photos of the "real" items vs. stock photos on the website.

Again, to learn more about Lindsey please be sure to check her out at:

YouTube: LGZLuvzAG
Flickr: Lindsey's Photos
Blog: Melody Travels
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  1. My favorite from here is the Coconut Fun Outfit. As you many possibilities with the different pieces together and matched with other items.
    I love the Brocade Holiday Dress and would pair it with the Holiday Accessories (even though that is supposed to go with the red dress).
    The snowgirl is adorable; I just think it's too expensive.

  2. It's always so fun to see what the new releases will be! Thanks for sharing your favorites!


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