Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review - American Girl Rollerblading Set (Skates & Gear)

For Zoey's birthday this year she was one lucky girl!  Some of her birthday gifts included a JLY doll # 17 which we really lucked out with because she was just retired this last release! I had no idea that was coming down the pipe! More on that later when I share a post just on the new doll, and what her name is and why it is that we chose her.

For this post I am sharing a bit about the Skates & Gear set and the Roller Skating Outfit. We had the Roller Skating Outfit already and for her birthday she got the Skates & Gear set.

The helmet with the Skates & Gear set is really good quality.  The strap around the chin attaches on one side with a plastic snap that is easy enough for Zoey to get on and off with no problem.

I wasn't expecting being able to balance as well with the roller blade type skates as well as the roller skates that we already had but was pleasantly surprised with how we were able to pose the doll in the roller blades.

The knee pads are cute and easy to attach too...there are two straps for each one that velcro around the knee.  The blades themselves are too adorable.  I LOVE them and so does Zoey.  The wheels really roll and the color combo is fresh and fun and they look like real roller blades.

If I had to have a complaint about this set it would be the wrist guards.  I had to try them a couple times because I wasn't sure if I was putting them on the wrong hands or upside down...they are not a perfect fit for the hand molds...there is a gap from the wrist to the thumb area and they velcro on the top of the hand.  I would have probably tried to use a stretchy material to create these had I been designing them myself but they work and go nicely with the set.

Here are the skates...we still love them very much too!  We love that they lace up and that they are bright colored.  And now, two dolls can go skating together!

Here is a close-up of Elizabeth in her roller skating outfit.  She looks so cute!

It was such a great day for skating and nobody fell and got hurt which was a bonus since the roller blades were brand new we weren't sure how the dolls would fare using them for the first time!

When is the last time you roller skated or roller bladed?  When I was young I had a pair of red roller skates with yellow laces that I had gotten at our church rummage sale.  Zoey hasn't gotten a pair yet or tried it out herself...maybe one of these days she will!

Hope you are all having a great summer!
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