Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doll Play with the Horses

One day this past week Zoey came home with NO HOMEWORK after school!  Hooray!  Usually she has some spelling words to study or math that she didn't finish at school so having no homework at all is a special treat.  We stopped for ice cream that day and then once home she got out her stable set from it's place in her room and set it up in the living room for some more room to play.  It's usually set up under her art easel for playable space saving storage so it was fun to get the whole set out and spread it out a bit.  I thought it would be fun to share some photos...

Kristen and Elizabeth are the ones that loves the horses the most lately...our horse is named Butterscotch and the foal is named Sandy.

Rebecca's kitten wanted to go for a ride with Elizabeth!

Kristen groomed Sandy and took care of some other chores.

Rebecca had her first ride and Elizabeth stayed right with her so she wouldn't get scared.  She did great!

Hmmm...I have told you that our dog Leo always has to get in on the doll play action right?

Zoe even stopped by to see what was going on...

Such a fun afternoon with the horses!

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  1. Looks super fun!Everything looks great! Your dog is adorable!

  2. Hee..hee, thanks Sierra! He certainly gets in on the action at all times around here!


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