Friday, March 29, 2013

Why We Shop Using a Personal Shopper at American Girl

When we visited the American Girl Store in Minneapolis last summer we were first introduced to the idea of what it was to have a personal shopper.  We didn't really fully utilize having one on that visit since we didn't know what it was all about yet but we did leave the store with a catalog and a brochure with a personal shopper's business card attached.  I kept it...hung it on the fridge and didn't give it a second thought.  Fast forward several months and it was Christmastime and I wanted to get something special for Zoey, something that she wouldn't have seen in the catalog or online and I thought hmmm...I think I'll call the Minneapolis store and see if they can ship me some store exclusives. They could!  I placed my order of "special" items (a mini Coconut dog, some exclusive doll pajamas and a swimsuit) and they were delivered to me super fast!  If I recall correctly it was only 2-3 days time (I'm in Wisconsin and the store I ordered from is in Minnesota).   Anyways, I was sold on the idea of having a personal shopper right then and there when it comes to ordering from American Girl.

Here are just a few other reasons why it's a special experience to shop with a personal shopper.  I just recently called and placed another order consisting of some items for Bitty Baby since they are having a special right now where things are 30% off for Bitty Baby...I did this before the free shipping special expired and was able to get both specials applied to my order.  My personal shopper at the Minneapolis store is Mary Halvorson.  I just love, love, love her!  She makes the shopping experience so special...just look at how the package arrived.

Beautiful, colorful, shaped sequins were all over the tissue paper and inside the box when we opened it up...

there was a handwritten (and hand stamped) card inside as well thanking me for my purchase.

Also included was some informative pamphlets about events and things going on at the American Girl stores.  Oh how I wish we lived closer so we could take advantage of attending some of these events!!

We were tickled to see that we got another mini doll sized shopping bag too!!  I had asked for one of these with my Christmas order as well so with the one we received while at the Minneapolis store (our first and only visit so far), the one from Christmas and now this one...we are so lucky to have three mini bags now for the dolls to shop!  Inside the bag was two American Girl pencils (sure to make math homework go a bit easier for Zoey I am sure!).

Also inside the mini bag was a gymnastics duffle bag which was one of McKenna's store exclusive items I believe...Zoey was so tickled to discover that since we have McKenna and she's actually the doll that she got to pick out on her own at the Minneapolis store last summer.  Also included were some American Girl star logo stickers.

After getting to the bottom of our box we discovered one last surprise...a full size Saige poster!  While we love it and love Saige, Zoey is thinking that she will be giving this poster to her friend Gracie since Gracie LOVES Saige to pieces as well as art and is hoping to get Saige for her birthday this coming summer.  Having a poster of her hanging in her bedroom just might tide her over until it's time to add her (possibly) to the family.

I will share some of our actual purchases in another post soon...I just wanted to share with you our experience using a personal shopper via the mail and over the phone.  We are so happy with this service and truly feel special doing so.

Thank you American Girl and a thank you especially to our personal shopper, Mary Halvorson!

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  1. That sounds really awesome! That's something to consider!


    1. We agree Gaby! I was told by Mary that the sequins are actually American Girl magic! :) So fun!

  3. Should I tip the personal shopper if I go to a store?

    1. I have been told that they cannot accept tips however a nice card or note would be sweet!

  4. I don't believe that they can accept tips.

  5. I just discovered this program and we have an appointment with Mary on Saturday, so excited to see how this works.


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