Monday, March 4, 2013

Dollar Store Find - Doll Sized Pool Table!

One of our really fun finds the other day at the dollar store was this doll sized table-top pool table!  Score!

It came with several red colored balls, but hey...that's alright with us!

We love the little triangle thing to rack up the balls...and the two pool sticks, super cute and they are the perfect size for the dolls!

Here is Kristen racking the balls up for a game.

Even the pets were excited to have something new going on!

Whoa, Kristen is going to town!

Time for another game, this time Bella is going to play too.

We just were so excited to share this fun play set with you...that we found for just $1.00! You never know what it is that you will find that will be perfect for doll play!

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  1. What is the name of your dollar store?

  2. It's attached to our Ace Hardware store and is called the Dollar Depot. :) We love it!


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