Sunday, February 17, 2013

Luau Outfit for Your Doll

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We are so very lucky that Zoey has a handful of friends that love dolls AND that their mothers love them as well and are crafty and have fun coming up with ideas for fun doll crafting adventures.  My friend Misty (whose daughter is friends with my daughter) came up with this idea for making an easy luau outfit for your doll.  She made this one for Zoey's dolls and is going to be sharing a tutorial here on AG Doll Play soon...I just had to share pictures because it is soooooo cute!!

Love all the little details and the colors are right on for Zoey!  So pretty!

We think Kristin looks striking in it and that she is ready to go somewhere where it's warm and exotic for sure.

Stay tuned for the tutorial, it will be coming soon!
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