Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creating an American Girl Doll Diner!

Oh how I wished I lived closer to the American Girl Outlet Store!  It is in Oshkosh, and is located on the route between our home and Grandmas!  I make it a point to stop each time I  pass through, and have found so many great deals!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE American Girl!  I found the American Girl Doll Dining book for just $9-what a deal.  But, if you do not live near an outlet store-check out or Michaels where I have seen the AG books at discounted prices.


This kit had all the supplies to create the chef hat that Caroline is wearing!  It also came with the black message board, easel, and open/closed sign, and the order pad in Caroline's pocket!  Caroline's apron came with a little baking set from Walmart. 

The little pictures on the wall, the table settings, including place mats  paper plates, napkin rings, desert triangle on the table, menus  takeout boxes, and the paper bag, as well as the little pink table card. I loved the black and white napkin holders with the hot pink- it reminded us of our own visit to the American Girl Cafe!

We had a table and two boxes we used to create a restaurant booth, but the book also had directions for building your own restaurant using a cardboard box and 2 shoe boxes. The book also shows some really cute and easy ways to create an assortment of doll foods to serve at your restaurant or bakery! 

Our restaurant needed 2 tables, so you can see we used a tall plastic cup, with a piece of foam core set on top to create a make-shift table.

Samantha and Alice LOVED their lunch at the AG Cafe1  And I loved all the cute crafts we were able to make with this book!  There are still more parts to the book that we didn't do yet.  We LOVED the book and felt that it was well worth the $9 we paid!

Gracie and Lily have always wanted matching PJ's for their doll and themselves.  I was so excited to see that last year's version of the Coconut PJ's had made their way to the AG Outlet!  Lily was being a stinker and wouldn't sit for the picture!  I found that these ran a little big, so they will fit for a while!

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