Monday, January 28, 2013

Redecorating our Doll Rooms

We had this little book "Sweet Room Decor Kit" that my girls received for a Christmas gift two years ago, and I thought we could put it to use in Julie's room. Of course, once we started we had to add a few decorations to our other spaces as well!

This is a picture of Julie's Room after we taped together 3 sheets of pink foam core and set the walls up.  Our doll space is in our living room in a 5' wide space behind our sofa-although it seems to be creeping into the living room more and more!  As you can see Julie's room is on a desk that was not being used.

Kit notices the new stickers on her bed!

Kit loves the Mirror hanging next to her bed-along with the reminder to always "Be You!"

We used double sided tape to hang the punch outs on the wall and also hung a few stickers too.  We changed the bedspread, and took down the turquoise netting too. 

This is the top loft bed Lily uses for Ivy. This is set up on the top of a small book case next to the desk above.   She has a bed and study underneath.  I was so proud of her today.  We already had the bed set up, but without a headboard.  Lily found an empty cereal box, taped it shut, glued scrap book paper all around, and made the headboard for her plain doll bed!  We hung the owl picture above too.

This is our Kitchen, probably my favorite doll space.  We recently put the walls around the space, and Gracie cut a cloth napkin we found at the dollar store in half then she hand stitched a seam across the top to make the curtains!   I love the white buffet cabinet I found at a local junk store for 8$  When I bought it it was yellow with roosters painted on it. A can of white spray paint and it looks great in our kitchen, plus it added a ton of storage. 

This space was pretty nice before adding decorations, but I LOVE how well the stickers and punch outs matched! 

This was our bathroom/spa space, the white wall is the backside of the kitchen.  The walls are made of Foam-Core.  I found this at our dollar store.  It is colored on one side and white on the back.  Our toilet is a baby wipe container from Target! 

WOW! What a difference a few stickers can make! I was thinking about painting this little mirror/chest but instead I used some vinyl stickers to the glass.  Caroline loved the frog sticker and so do I!

Hope you enjoyed our tour today, soon to come I will share Lily's doll loft space and our living room space!


  1. FABulous! Just LOVE the Kitchen :D

  2. Their play area is just so sweet!!! I love all the special touches that they made.

  3. Where did you get the blue bench you used in the kitchen? Its just so cute and a great way for more dolls to sit at the table!


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