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Friday, January 11, 2013

We thought it might be fun to do a little series here sharing our doll play area with you...we love to see doll houses and play areas since it's a fun way to get ideas for your own doll spaces, hopefully this will do the same for you!  Our doll space is in Zoey's room, which isn't a large space by any means so we've had to be a little scrappy and resourceful when it comes to picking and choosing doll furniture and how we set it up.  We tend to re-arrange quite often too and find it fun to do so!  We are starting our doll play area tour with the bathroom...because, well...we are so excited to finally have a tub and vanity and just have to share our excitement!  

We put the shower and bath in the corner of the room.  The shower we got at the American Girl Outlet store and I ordered the tub through American Girl online...we LOVE it!!  

Zoey was right...having the bubbles to play with in the tub really makes this purchase a special one.  We found some mini rubber ducks at the dollar store awhile back and I'm so glad that I picked up a couple since now we have a use for them!

The shower set came with a mini pink loofah sponge, so cute!

Here is a shot of the Shampoo and Shower Gel, so important for keeping yours dolls fresh and clean.  :)

The little hand held bath hand shower is so adorable and the dolls can actually hold it in their hands which is fun!

Here is a close-up of the vanity's sink...when you turn the handle to the left it makes the sound of running water for several seconds.

Close-up of the hand towel, shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste, cup and toothbrush.

Here is a shot with the lights on...

We decided to keep the pet food and treats in the bathroom. 

Here is our doll dressing's where they keep their jewelry, glasses and other small accessories. 

Favorite books, journals and their alarm clock is here as well.  

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our doll bathroom!  Stay tuned for more to come and please remember to "like" us on our Facebook page so you can get updates as they happen and get links to giveaways and other fun finds!

Here's a little video recap of Zoey sharing the bathroom set. Enjoy! post signature

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