Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doll Craft - Make a Clubhouse for Your Dolls

I love Pinterest!  Lately I find myself pinning doll craft ideas for when I have some time on my hands with Zoey for us to create a little something.  This week we ended up having a day off of school due to the extreme cold and it was the perfect time for some doll crafting!  I had pinned this DIY collapsible playhouse awhile back and we ended up doing our own version of the same project.

We started out the same and cut the top off of our box and then reinforced the box with duct tape.

But then we realized that we wanted to "wallpaper" the walls so we opted to not go for the collapsible version.  We can store it on top of Zoey's bunk if needed or in the garage.

It turned out super cute!!  We already had a book of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper that was the perfect designs for a clubhouse for the dolls...peace signs and other fun patterns really made the clubhouse complete.

We added some posters and then brought some friends in to check it out...

McKenna and Julie love it!  It will be the perfect place to play, hang out, have secret meetings and more!  I am already thinking how it will be fun to be able to actually take this outside this summer and play with the dolls outside using this as well.

What a fun way to use a cardboard box!

Happy crafting!
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  1. I love it I hope I can do it soon

  2. do you think I could make the collapsible version and still wallpaper it.


  3. That I sooo cool! I'm totally making that 2nite! :)

  4. cute although how do u make the top

  5. Adorable idea for those who have plenty of space to store, but my house is small, so i don't have anywhere to store this, especially with a lot of dolls!

  6. i just made it it looks so cool

  7. I really like it I like the design and shape I'm going to do it too.


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